Add a new page

To add a new page, you can click the 'New Page' plus icon in the left hand menu or, from the All Pages overview page, the New Page button.

Add a new page

The Add Page view is comprised of several sections:

  • Title
  • Content
  • Navigation controls


When creating a new page, the first field to be completed is the title field. By default, this field will be used to generate the URL for the page. If you wish for the page to have a URL different from the title, you may edit both the title and the URL slug after the page has been initially saved. Additionally, you can set a page to have a menu label that is different from both the page title and page URL.

Add page title


If the page you are creating should display content, you will fill in the content area. This content will display within the page. You can create clever layouts within your pages via simple HTML and class names.

Add page content

Navigation controls

If you are creating a content page and wish for the Menu label to differ from the page title, enter a menu label. By default, the Page Title will be used as the menu label. For example, you might want to create a contact page that has a menu item of 'Contact', but a page title of 'Get in touch'.

Set page menu label

If you are creating a redirect page, filling in the page redirect field will automatically hide the content section. The content field is hidden because page redirects will not display any content. If you want to change a redirect page to a content page, clear the page redirect field and the content editor will reappear. To make a page redirect open in a new window or tab, check the Open Redirect in New Window box.

Page redirect

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