Project Media

To upload images, you may drag an image or group of images onto the image uploader. Alternatively, you can click the image uploader to open the file browser on your computer. You can then locate your image files and upload them. File size is limited to 100MB. Dunked supports .jpg, .gif, and .png file types. At this time, Dunked does not support animated .gif files.

If you wish to include images hosted on Flickr, 500px, or other online source, you can click the Embed Video & Audio link just below the image uploader. This will open a pop up modal in which you can paste a link to the image.

Video and audio embeds

Dunked supports video embeds from Vimeo and YouTube, and audio track embeds from SoundCloud. To embed videos and audio tracks, click the Embed Video & Audio link just below the image uploader. You will copy and paste the URL for your video or audio track in the modal pop up window.

Embed content

Ordering project media

You are free to shuffle the order of images, video, and audio tracks media by dragging and dropping each media item into the desired order. Mousing over a media item will display a move icon. Clicking and dragging the item will reveal a bounding box for the location, or order, of the media item once the mouse click is released.

Ordering project media

Project thumbnail

When uploading media elements the first item uploaded will be marked at the thumbnail, as indicated by a small star icon. You may change the thumbnail by clicking the gear icon below the desired thumbnail image, and select "Use as Thumbnail".

Set the project thumbnail

Depending upon the current active template, the thumbnail will be displayed at a number of possible bounding constraints. Click the gear icon below the current thumbnail and select "Edit Thumbnail" to load the thumbnail edit view. This page includes the size constraints for thumbnails used by the active theme, tools for making for a custom image crop, and the option to upload a new thumbnail.

Cropping images

By default, Dunked will automatically crop the thumbnail to meet the needs of the active template. Using the custom crop tool, will give you better fine grain control of the actual crop. When cropping, be sure that the crop size (displayed in the upper right corner) is larger than the template thumbnail size (displayed in the upper left corner).

Media visibility

Media can be set to one of two states: On or Off. Items that are set to "On" will be displayed in the single project view, while items set to "Off" will not. If the project thumbnail is set to "Off", it will still be used as the thumbnail, however, it will not appear on the single project view.

Media visibility

Delete media

To delete a media element, click the gear icon below the media item that is to be removed. From within the drop down, click to "Delete image/video/audio".

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