Sort and Filter Projects

Dunked gives you the ability to control the order in which projects are displayed. All templates include basic URL filters, while other include dynamic in page filtering.

Sort projects

To sort projects, click the Projects menu item in the left hand menu to load the All Projects overview page. To reorder the projects, click and drag the project thumbnail to the desired position, and release the click. A grey dashed border will indicate the location to which the project will be moved. Projects listed in the top left on the projects overview page, will be listed in the top left of your Dunked home page.

Sort projects

Filter projects

Every Dunked template includes the ability to filter projects via tags. When projects are tagged, they are automatically added to a tag archive page for that tag. Each tag archive has a URL route of /tag/tag-name. For example, the animation archive would take the following URL for the Slab demo site:

Some templates allow for single page filtering–that is, items are hidden or made visible without a page reload. For example, both the Mesh and Garnish templates feature in page filtering.

Add tags

Tags are added via the edit project page. To add multiple tags to a single project, enter a comma after each tag. If you wish to remove a tag, press the backspace key or click the small X on the tag. As new tags are added, a list of previously used tags will be displayed as you type. This will help you tag your projects with consistent terms.

Add tags to a project

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