Cancel account

You can cancel your account by visiting the Account page. Click the gear icon in the left column of your Dunked admin area to load the Settings page. Click Delete Account in the upper right corner. From the Delete Account page, click Cancel Account. You will be asked to confirm canceling your account. Click Cancel Account to confirm that you wish to put your Dunked account on pause.

Why would I cancel my account?

If you don’t need to use Dunked right now and you’d like to take break from paying, you can cancel your account. We'll keep all of your projects, pages and images for up to 600 days. You won’t be charged while your account is canceled. When you're ready to pick up with your portfolio, you can reactivate your account and pick up where you left off. If you reactivate your account after 90 days, you may need to build your portfolio from scratch.

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